Subway Symphony

Brief  /  Create an online hub for James Murphy's campaign to revolutionize the New York Subway with a new sound.

Created at  /  North Kingdom

Agency  /  Wieden Kennedy

Brand  /  Heineken

Role  /  Art direction, Design

For 15 years, James Murphy has been petitioning to make a small but significant change to the New York Subway: replace the dreadful turnstile “beeps” into pleasant notes. With the support of Heineken, North Kingdom and W+K worked together to created an online hub that rallies New Yorkers around this cause.   


The FWA award winning campaign site let users test first hand the difference between what the subways sounds today, and how it could be improved if they sign the petition and show support. A timeline that doubles as a supporters counter kept users up to date on Murphy’s efforts and his battle with the New York City MTA.

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