Flappy Saver

Brief  /  Promote savings as opposed to loans among young Swedes who have no interest and low confidence in banks.

Created at  /  Volontaire     

Client  /  Ikano Bank

Role  /  Creative

Swedes are one of the world's most indebted people; good at borrowing money, bad at saving it. So, to get younger Swedes to start thinking more about saving money, we at Volontaire made our own version of the hit game Flappy Bird and called it Flappy Saver. In the game, the player must control a flying piggy bank to avoid saving obstacles. Try it, it's fun.



Among young people, saving money is usually associated with something that’s hard to do and boring. It’s something that parents nag about. Therefore, we chose to talk about saving in a fun and undemanding way.

Flappy saver is a flying piggy bank that the user controls to avoid the unplanned savings obstacles that appear as you play. The person with the best high score at the end of the campaign period won a savings of 100,000 Swedish krona deposited into a savings account at Ikano Bank.



We reached over 116 million people worldwide with the predominant message of a bank daring to be different - “Banking IKEA Style”. Young Swedes played the game over 1.52 million times, committing a total of 154 days to Ikano Bank.