Google Interland

Brief  /  Create an online tool that parents, educators and 3rd parties can use to teach children good online habits in a way that’s engaging to them during a critical time in their digital literacy education.

Agency  /  North Kingdom

Client  /  Google

 /  We were brought in for a month long sprint to concept and pitch an online learning experience to Google. And luckily enough it got made by the incredibly talented folks at North Kingdom!

While many users are concerned about the future of privacy and online safety in tech, there aren’t many tools to help kids learn the perils of online safety. So with rising numbers of hours spent online, Google wanted to take the lead in equipping parents, teachers and kids with the knowledge and skills necessary to learn good digital etiquette.



We came up with a concept for a place where kids could learn how to be good digital citizens and called it Interland. We created a whole world of learning, rooted in some core online safety lessons, while leveraging a flexible teaching platform. Empowering kids to not only learn about pre-existing safety issues, but to also take that foundational learning and apply it to becoming great long-term digital citizens through critical thinking.


The learning Experience

This was the initial learning system we created. Each destination within Interland had a specific game, designed to teach a specific learning outcome and complete with it’s own backstory and characters.

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