Facebook Product Work

Brief  /  Enhance Facebook’s brand voice through simple and delightful expressions in product.

Client  /  Facebook  

Animation Partner  /  Animade

Role  /  Concept, Art Direction, Design


Facebook asked us to find simple moments to surprise and delight users with brand expressions that enhance Facebook’s voice in product. On New Year’s Eve, a time when everyone is thinking about their friends and family, we decided to make the moment of sharing a message with friends more special.


We came up with a “text-triggered” animation that was activated when people wished each other “Happy new Year” — helping people connect and celebrate with their friends in a more meaningful way.


People loved the New Year’s animation so much, that Facebook turned the concept of “text-triggered” celebrations into a larger program of work. Using our concept to inform a bigger work stream and create a surface to delight people during important cultural moments. Most recently, you might have seen animations for Earth Day and Harry Potter in your feed.

*Fun Fact: So many people were posting Happy New Year around the world, that our animation actually broke Facebook! (For a very brief period of time!) Shhhhh...