Frank Underwood 2016

Brief  /  Leverage the 2016 presidential race in a campaign site that introduces presidential candidate Frank Underwood of House of Cards to a wide audience.

Created at  /  North Kingdom

Agency  /  BBH

Brand  /  Netflix

Role  /  Art direction, Design

Frank Underwood is the revered protagonist of the Netflix show House of Cards, and in season 4 he is running for reelection. While at North Kingdom, we created a campaign site that introduces the most double sided candidate into the mix, and encourages users to Stand With Frank by using the FU meme generator.


To hone in on the identity of Frank Underwood’s campaign site, we explored the duality of Frank. Playing up his good intentions with hints of Americana, and exposing his villainous side by breaking the fourth wall, as Frank famously does on the show.

Taking advantage of Frank Underwoods’ very appropriate initials, the FU2016 meme generator is a place for voters to stand with Frank, and unleash their grievances on social media.

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